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Ellie Eyes

Ellie Eyes


The Chase

The Chase





Full and pregnant with my third child
Moving slowly everything at half-speed
Chubby toddler hands cradle my cheeks
Gazing into my eyes seeing herself there
“Mama, I am in your eyes.”
Then she asks if I see myself in hers
Before I see clearly sweet tears rise
Blurring the lines between us
Not ready to let go
Of this moment
Or the child moving pleasantly inside me
A cord connecting us
Apart of each other
Holding on too long
Makes the pain grow
It is in the letting go
I find relief
And the next moment
And a new life
Changed forever having shared this connection
Part of each of us is with the other
I see me in you

Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit

A photograph of my son, my oldest child, from our November 2010 trip to Fort Davis. Big skies, vast views. It is all possible.

Strange Shapes (Circa 2005)


Holding herself out there in strange shapes
Shortening her neck with a shrugged shoulder
Cradled arms provide a nest of comfort
Tight muscles
Crooked spine
Widened hips
Cracking knees
Calloused feet
Spilling milk from her body
Thirsting for a life all her own

Covered (April 2012)

In my bed covered in children
Who move like water to fill the spaces left
Because close is not enough
The milk filled one
Warm and sticky sweet
Flopped crossways over me, belly to belly
The other one, with his hands entangled in my hair
Pressed to my side
Breath in my ear
We slumber late into the morning
Inhaling and exhaling
Our body rises and falls as one

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