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Tiny Threads (2010)

Uncertain of my place
Unfamiliar with the space
Above and around me
The ground too far below
Curled inward
I orbit redundantly
Around myself
A lost and dormant seed
In the wind
Spinning faster awakened by the sun
Spreading my limbs to slow my motion
Reaching out and grabbing hold
Of the tiny threads I can finally see
Part of the greater Mercy


Ellie Eyes

Ellie Eyes

The Chase

The Chase



Unraveling (December 2012)

I am unraveling and I like it
Frayed edges, softer
Still woven, one piece, but looser
Parts transparent, thinning
Unstarched, wrinkled
Unraveling slowly, almost mid-life
It feels good, and comfortable for now


July 2012 in Powhatan, LA at the old Moreland Dairy and Pecan Farm.

Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit

A photograph of my son, my oldest child, from our November 2010 trip to Fort Davis. Big skies, vast views. It is all possible.

Transitions (March 2006)


Glowing by the opposing light of the setting sun
Stretched long and thin from the windy day
Transparent clouds at dusk
Form a line above
And a line below
The moon that sits between
Like a whole note in the sky

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